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Activate Asheville: REGIONALISM Sustained living through site and community specific contemporary home design

Location: Pack Memorial Library | Lord Auditorium
               67 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801

Activate Asheville is excited to bring you IN SITU STUDIO, a Raleigh based design firm, to share their philosophy on contemporary home design in North Carolina. Join us Tuesday night at 6pm in the Lord Auditorium and welcome principals Erin Lewis and Matt Griffith as they articulate details of their mindful design practice as it pertains to home design inspired by many things including regionalism, context and culture. 

“Every building is situated in a unique context formed of specific physical and cultural characteristics. At in situ studio, we work with our client to uncover design solutions that are unique to clients' needs, appropriate to the places inwhich we are building, and innovative in the ways they solve problems through common sense. Our work is contemporary and sustainable. We prioritize stewardship of water, light, and energy. We are not prone to imitating any particular style. Rather, we seek an authentic logic for every project that transcends style.”

This event is free. Please come an enjoy!

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