Activate North Carolina is a program of the American Institute of Architects North Carolina. We support architects, designers, and citizens who want to start dialogues and projects that improve our cities and neighborhoods. 




We help communities across the state bring together diverse groups who want to actively shape the future. 



Whether it's a small physical installation or a design-build project, we help inspire people to implements solutions and create opportunities.

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Activate North Carolina sponsors competitions throughout the year. They invite different perspectives to address complex issues. 

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy community


Activate North Carolina works to build connections between diverse groups who want to make a positive impact. We all have the power to improve our cities and neighborhoods. Architecture and design offer a way to approach challenges through a collaborative process. 


Working together to create solutions


Complex issues can't be tackled alone. They're difficult and need the whole community engaged. ActivateNC helps AIA Sections across the state host events, projects, and competitions to spark broad participation.